Compliance Packaging

West Broadway Pharmacy offers several compliance packaging options to fit everyone’s unique medication needs. Packaging options include blister (convenience) packs and Pac Med Strips. Compliance packaging is a great tool to help reduce missed doses of medication. Missed doses decrease the effectiveness of medications and as such compliance packaging can help medications reach their desired effect.

Convenience Packs (also called bubble or blister packs)

Medications in a convenience pack are arranged in a sealed card and contain a full week of medications per card. The days of the week are listed vertically on the card (Monday to Sunday) and the times of day (morning, noon, supper and bedtime) are listed horizontally.

Patients using compliance packaging are placed on an auto-refill schedule eliminating the need to remember to phone the pharmacy for medication refills. We will contact you once your medication(s) refill is due again and let you know when the order will be ready. Free delivery is available if that is your preference. The auto- refill system ensures that you do not miss any doses of your medication and reduces hassles associated with medication management.

Pac Med Packaging

Pac Med Packaging is a form of compliance packaging that arranges your medication in small pouches that are attached vertically. The Vertical strips can be rolled up for ease of storage. Doses are arranged by date, then in order of morning, noon, supper, and bedtime doses respectively.

Please contact us for a free consultation to find the best option to manage your medication regimen